S.O.S. CLAN *new*

HELLO HALO WORLDThis FOGOFreak01 here with an announcement. It seems as though the world of halo gaming has become more pro. And as newer players get to know and enjoy Halo, they’re left in the dust due to the ‘more’ skilled players online.
That being said a lot of people like me (the underdogs-jk) in the shadows of pro players. So I’ve made a Spec-ops (including a UNSC military like structure) squads called the S.O.S. clan. This clan helps players become better whether your’re trying to reach a certain rank or struggling to just be better, I’ll just accept you any way you are. This is more of a clan that you can practice you’re skills and improve on any specific category
of weaponry. I also believe in the freedom of speech and act in clans so I’m not one of those crappy clans that force you to be a certain color and rank and and to have a certain emblem color so that’s where you can choose what you want it to be.
Tryouts are this Sunday 3:00 o’clock. (standard Pacific time) Further information will be given on that day. For any questions, leave a comment below. Thanks and have a good day.

Requirements- a mic, good sportsmanship and reasonable language.

Wrong area kid. Gotta post this in the Recruiting Section.

my bad sorry about that