S.I.A Halo 4 Machinima Recruitment

Since 343 Industries is making halo 4 a lot easier for machinima makers ive been making scripts, charaters, and plots since Halo 3 though i will have to tweak the story a bit to fit i need soldiers. Message me if interested because id like to run things by you all.
Also im looking for Full actors thatmean body and voice you will get full credit for your role. and if anyone is or knows people who are good at forging maps for the machinima i could use the help. this is a big machinima meaning there are a lot of main roles to fill.

I know its three months from now but do consider joining just PM me your best qualifications(what role youll feel best for) and ill try to fit you in

Agreed, Halo 4 looks like it will be a great era for machinima, if people can utilize what is given properly. I’m interested.

i think if you heard my proposal for the machinima you would be quite impressed