S.e.U Military Recruiting(Reach MCC)

Snipas Empire is a Halo Reach Military Clan. In Snipas Empire we have raids, training, meetings, matchmaking, and custom games. You must be 14 or older to enlist, must have a mic, must not be a quitter, must be ready for the toughest training in Halo. Army & Navy are open to new recruits. fill out an enlistment form at www.snipas.weebly.com to enlist today to become part of something bigger, and tryout for hardest Military Based Clan Training Experience in Halo. Fight or Die-5Gen.SnipaBlade

Recruitment is still up, take the challenge to tryout for the Hardest/Best Military Based Clan Training Experience in Halo. Only the best make it through Boot Camp, and become successful. Fight or Die-5Gen.SnipaBlade

recruitment still up, take The Challenge and become part of the best…fill out an enlistment form @ www.Snipas.weebly.com . Fight or Die-5Gen.SnipaBlade

Please follow the rules of the recruiting forum.
There are some specific guidelines that we ask Clan Recruiters to follow during their ongoing recruitment efforts:
• Each clan is limited to one recruiting thread
• Clans may bump their recruiting thread once a week with a legitimate and substantial update (3-4 sentences)
• One additional thread may be made for challenges and tournaments

XxSnipasxX is Recruiting NOW! we are taking back old members as well. also we are looking for alliances, we only alliance with Strong Imperialist Clans like us. if you are a Democratic Barbarian-STAY OUT! if not hit me up. GT: SnipaBlade

the Empire has added a new Branch aka: Coast Guard. we have 3 Branches open to recruits now Army, Navy, and Coast Guard. we are also actively seeking Strong Alliances with Empire-Like Clans or Strong Clans. hit me up. GT: SnipaBlade or EmperorSnipa

The Empire is actively looking for new members and alliances. Contact SnipaBlade to set up an alliance meeting or to enlist!-Fight or Die.

Snipas Empire wants YOU! check out our website @ www.Snipas.weebly.com for more INFO, thank you.

WE’RE BACK B**** known as Snipas Empire United, SEU and were coming back strong. hit me up GT: SnipaBlade to enlist in the best or to make an alliance with an admirable ally-Fight or Die.


we are still here and actively recruiting! message SnipaBlade ASAP to enlist! and become part of something special for Halo Reach on xbox 360-Fight or Die.

Snipas Empire United website has been updated and we are still actively recruiting! hit me up ASAP to enlist GT: SnipaBlade

after boot camp, go ahead and make an account on Blog/Forums tab on our website @ www.Snipas.weebly.com or if you wish to make talk alliance, become a foreign ambassador on our forums and post on our Foreign Relations thread. hit me up for more info on anything GT: SnipaBlade-Fight or Die, Always Resilient-

Snipas Empire United is looking for Leaders! If you think you are NCO or officer material to lead a Squad, Platoon, Branch, or just want to enlist or even just want more info hit me up on Xbox 360 GT: SnipaBlade and check out our website @ www.Snipas.weebly.com were always glad to help-Fight or Die, Always Resilient.

XxSnipasxX Empire United has been split in to multiple platoons. The most notable are Bravo Platoon, which is the first Xbox One Platoon, yes! we are now recruiting for Xbox One! message Pocco123 as he is Bravo Platoon leader to enlist on Xbox one and Romeo Platoon which is on the Xbox 360, as the Platoon Leader is JBOMB07 or SnipaBomb. Message SnipaBlade to enlist for either an Xbox One or Xbox 360 Platoon and upon completion of boot camp add your platoon leader/squad leader and platoon personnel. Check out our website at www.Snipas.weebly.com or message SnipaBlade for complete details. Thanks!

Snipas Empire United(SeU) is actively recruiting strictly for Halo Reach now. Either reply on here, or message me on XBL ASAP to enlist or for more details-Fight or Die

Snipas Empire United is actively recruiting leaders once again! We are looking for worthy and experienced personnel to lead our rapidly fast growing Military. Such as COs, NCOs, etc. We are recruiting U.S. Military Veterans as well as active duty/reserve personnel. If you think you have what it takes message SnipaBlade for more info on XBL and good luck-Fight or Die

I’m a Vet myself capitan ^.^ Y’all roll Halo 4 in MCC?

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> Recruitment is still up, take the challenge to tryout for the Hardest/Best Military Based Clan Training Experience in Halo. Only the best make it through Boot Camp, and become successful. Fight or Die-5Gen.SnipaBlade

What if your mic is broken I’m really tryna join

> Message to Foreign Clans and Entities Epsilon Fleet would like to announce the following:
> If you are interested in being allies with the Epsilon Fleet just message Darth Baum via Xbox and we will invite you to the meeting with our allies.
> If you are interested in helping us create a NATO-isk alliance of clans that will serve to boost activity and provide mediation and a common defense once again message Darth Baum on Xbox Live and you will be invited to the meeting as well!
> If you are willing to fight our clan in a friendly clan battle or clan raid just message Darth Baum, DevilofArRamadi, DaFonkster87, Whitewolf1024 or Norofield and we will definitely battle you!
> We want to improve the overall community’s activity on Halo MCC and of course on Halo 5. At the current moment it seems like every clan is just “waiting for Halo 5” or are not content with “the state of the game”. I personally believe that is hurting the community and we can have a great time doing battles doing activities right here and right now. We do not have to wait until October to have events. Just contact myself on Xbox Live and we will run some sort of activity. Do not be a USR and not fight! Lets have fun!