RWBY fans feel free to join us!!

Hi,I’m the leader of teamrwby -slenderbros. If you want to be part of our clan feel free to join us, this clan was made for the community of RWBY, so in that case you don’t have to be a Halo pro to join us everybody is welcome on our company, plus if you have a friend that is also a fan of RWBY feel free to invite them to join us. Hope to see you soon :smiley: Main criteria to join us: YOU HAVE TO BE A RWBY FAN :slight_smile: Also on the request let me know who is your favorite character :smiley:

I’m happy to annonce that the Knights of Era have joined TeamRWBY as the members of fireteam RWBY are Blood-Widow Knights, don’t join Knights of Era unless teamRWBY is full. Hunt in the Remnant’s Shadow.