RvB Season 9 Episode 11 now live


I know there are a few fans in here :wink:


EDIT: Just tried to get to the website, 503 (Too much traffic)

Good thing I have it open in a tab already.

It was up at 9:30 if you were signed in as a member. Then if your a sponsor you get it even earlier. I think 9. But I saw it, it was pretty good.

I forgot my username and haven’t gone through the process of getting an email sent to me xD

Yes, standard puddle Lopez.

What kind of codename is Flying Eagle?

So the counter hits 0 and the page reloads to their “Argh, our site is broken!” page.

I laughed so hard.

It was kinda funny. Timer counted down, watched the video. Then tried to load any other part of the site and got 503ed. Went back to the main page and the video added a 20 minute wait time because it wasn’t registering that I was logged in. It was amusing to get in before it all broke.

Just finished watching it, I really want to see more of the freelancers.

Nice, Tex is back. And Simmons is still an idiot, that’s a shock. zing!

The Director has a serious Att-a-tude