I was wondering if there are other people out in the forums that are interested or completely love these two series (like me). Thank you for reading!

“Always here to help.” -BeastModeBermy

I love both series!

I like both series’ as well, but RWBY takes the cake for me.

Cool to know people do like it, hit me up on xbox live!

“Always here to help” - BeastModeBermy

I haven’t watched Rwby yet, I’ve seen all the seasons of RvB but from what I’ve seen from RWBY it doesn’t really look like my type of show. I’m sure it’s amazing though.

I prefer RVB.

Ehhh, I watched RvB up to the 4th season twice, and I stopped at that point twice. It’s not that I think it’s bad but it just wasn’t interesting for me at that point. Though after seeing some of the newer episodes I think i’m going to endure (no offence intended) up to the later seasons.
RWBY on the other hand doesn’t seem like my kind of thing, like that other guy said.

I like both shows. I always like to compare characters. I kind of started watching later seasons of RvB because I wanted to see some action (like around seasons 8-10). I miss Monty…his choreography for the fight scenes were amazing for both shows.

I love both shows, but I will say that I am more interested in RvB.

I love both series especially Red vs Blue, got some DVDs, tshirts and other stuff from it

By the way… we will miss you Monty Oum…


They both suck -Yoink-

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> They both suck -Yoink-

So do you.