Ruthless Gaming Halo TRYOUTS 4 TWO Spots for team for this SAT hcs online open Q

To2 lf2 Looking to compete in this weekend open qualifier this weekend and the 2023 hcs season trying to find a players with good halo game since and with skill but the number one thing is someone who’s willing to work as team to learn and Willing to watch Film So we can Critique Each others Play style to overall To make us a better me and my other teammate have played together for a decade so we got chemistry.

So if interested please message or comment your GT Need

Hey bro ! Me an my dubs partner been playing for a while also !!! We want to find two good guys to join our team ! Be cool if we try an run some an see how we play man !!! Add me an we can talk more ! My gt is: Mythizik

Hey id like to tryout for next time. My gt is fiercewarrior