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While I seriously doubt there will ever be a game type that prohibits rushing (I.e. a shield across the map for a time period), but you have to develop units that can counter rushing units like goliaths, that don’t require an upgrade to level two base.
Right now, if a team decides to rush there isn’t anything that can be done about it. Turrets are pretty worthless, grunts are too weak, and anti units simply aren’t doing enough. Reavers and wolverines are too weak, and don’t seem to do enough damage quickly enough to air units; the very units they’re supposed to defeat.
I want to play matches where I can use all types of units. I do not want to rush myself which seems to be the only way to avoid getting rushed. If air or jackals are required to beat goliaths they should require the same level of base.

Rushers are boring, and unimaginative and should be playing Blitz. Fix this problem.

I’m sorry, but almost everything here is simply wrong.

If you don’t like rushing, that’s okay, I can understand that. However, as for everything else, you are mistaken.

To list a few;

-Anti infantry (Sui’s/Snipers/Flamers) are excellent units at holding back rushes
-AA is incredibly strong right now

I encourage you to do some actual testing, rather than speaking from emotion. If you have no one to test with, I’m happy to test with you. Moreover, I would be happy to showcase how to defeat rushes and air. Once you practice and learn the game more, you’ll realize how meh rushes and air are.

EDIT: Oh, this is a smurf account. Don’t know why I’m wasting my time, lmao.

I too have posted on this type of topic before, in that post I give around 5 good tips to help counter rushes. Learn to counter… Guess what your opponent is going to do… And eventually rushes become meaningless because your always prepared. Today I won 10/10 placement matches in 2v2 ranked, not one of those matches didn’t involve countering a rush, banshee, goliath, multiple armies of infantry and flamehogs and throwers are just a few that we beat. Rushing is part of the game, and nothing can stop it, and while I don`t like the concept, we just learned to beat them!

If you feel like reading my post and tips you can find it here:

And find FindableBag6`s post, the big essay one