Rushed Beta

After playing the beta I found it was fun… when it worked.
I’m not going to hate on how the game is glitchy as all hell. But ask why was it released it such a broken state.

games are sometimes released broken at launch like 343’s very own Mcc. Mcc is just like halo wars 2, fun when it works.

I am led to believe that Microsoft wanted this beta to be announced at e3. even though it wasn’t ready, Microsoft needed a bomb to drop before the end of the show.

I am not hating on Microsoft, 343 or creative assembly.

I just think that this beta shouldn’t be out while its so broken and that some fans are getting the wrong idea that this is going to be another broken launch title.

343/Creative assembly please take down the beta fix it then put it back up.

PS. make it stranded plz.

Weird, it worked for me on the first try. It prompted for the game to restart when I hit A, and then i got into the lobby just fine but finding a match is a pain…

Well that’s one way to look at it. I prefer to see it as they wanted to gather as much data as possible and run into as many crashes as possible and have ample time to fix it. As I believe Tom French said something like this in the halo 5 launch stream; only way to test the -Yoink- out of it is to have players us it (talking about forge). I think that’s what 343 intention are, they knew of bugs to fix, now they will know of more to fix.

Crashed twice at the start but the everything worked fine after that. And honestly it was rushed for E3. Very sad but as long as it helps them make the game better i’m fine with it. I’m having fun.

I’m just going to say but as I’ve tried to play this beta I can’t get through a single game without the game crashing at least 6 times even then the game usually crashes so bad that it doesn’t in freezing forcing me to leave to game, this is a broken beta and isn’t function able it crashes it lags very hard it’s slow it’s very very glitchy and is not at all ready for open public testing