Rush Leader

What leader do y’all think is the best rush leader? I’ve noticed Colony is pretty good when it comes to rushing bc Goliaths are dumby thicc.

Colony, Kinsano, and actually Decimus are pretty good.

I’ve found that arbiter is fantastic at rushing, and yapyap is also good at getting map control early. For him you just need to spam cannon fodder

If you want map control and a semi risky rush, go for shipmaster and immediately upgrade your grunts to cloak.

By the time most people get goliaths out, even when I dont have turrets my hero is usually able to wipe them out without anything else even helping. Extra tidbit-Johnson is amazing at rushing with your hero, and also is literally the definition of counter rush

Alice is also OP, to the point I’ve made an entire 3v3 squad rage quit with her as soon as I got the chain gun upgrade.


Forge used to be good for rush due to eco upgrades straight away and mostly the pelican flame drop but that’s become too well known and it is really easy to take out with the right leader or units/powers, but if you’re lower ranked (under diamond) you’ll probably get away with it.

Colony by far I enter so many games and people are ill prepared for them 1 well played colony rush can be game over before teamates are even ready

Arby. Augment one power extractor, all your pads make one mini base and two raid camps. Go at 4 minutes in teams and 3 minutes in solo war (also make sure to blow up one your raid camps and replace it with an extractor in case rush does’t work). Drop status mines with your conduit of rage and watch their pads go up in flames.

Using this opportunity to ask, how to stop a sniper/flamer/marine rush as for example atriox or johnson?

Chosen double fortifications and some choppers.