Running with Turrets

Has anyone else noticed that when carrying a turret, especially in Reach, you walk faster when moving at a 45-degree angle? I saw this in a playthrough I did the other day. When walking forward, backward, or side to side it was the standard slow walk that we are all accustomed to. But when I went to move forward and to the side, my character started to move faster, much closer to a standard walking speed. I guess that this is caused by the game being programmed to make sure that the player moves at a specific speed when moving in the X or Y directions relative to the player model, so when the player moves at a 45-degree angle, the still move at the same speed relative to the X and the Y, but due to simple trigonometry the player ends up moving faster than they should. But, I am not a programmer, so I can’t say for sure. Any thoughts?

This also happens in Halo 3. I always use this technique after clearing the hanger in Crows Nest so I can quickly take the turret into the area with the Drones.

All those wasted years…

Main thing I have always noticed is how fast the ODSTs can run with turrets compared to Spartans lol