Runned / Running over / Lucky 1 . 2 shots WGC

Has any one experienced where they run over someone and all you manage to do is push them but when enemy player runnes you over and you jump about 12ft into air (jump + jet) and somehow kills you. And those shots where they completely miss you or even manage to shoot you trough a wall and somehow kill you with no aim at all. I seen people warping here and there while other players are not. I got killed several times with no one in the area. Sometimes it don’t show kill cam. Is this all due to in game micro lag on the server?. Mostly these things start after playing a little in game and all of a sudden says starting game and then the tide of war turns massively. Is there any way that I car record a battle just by using the game, nothing external?

Same problems here. I completely jump over a ghost, and I still die. I watch the film and it didn’t hit a bump or anything. It’s like the game just decided it wanted to give someone a splatter.