Run your Squad under our banner

We do not work as other military clans do. We do not have divisions like Army, Navy, Air Force, ODSTs, or Spartans. We work in fireteams of 6 and each fireteam has a squad leader and its own unique style. We don’t care about your rank and we don’t care about your skill. We are recruiting players who have a mic and are 15 years old and over and can work as a team.
As long as you know when it’s time to screw around, when it’s time to be serious and you know your stuff then you’ll enjoy yourself here at the Knights Of Valhalla. We pride ourselves on working together and having the best team coordination and communication. We can help you work your way up to higher levels and help you figure out what your role is as a Spartan. What you excel at. The bonds we form with each other, may it be years or months is what makes us strong and what makes the Knights of Valhalla what it is today.

For more information and enlistment into this clan go to our website located below and contact a recruitment official on Xbox Live. Note that we are not a competitive clan.
Recruitment Official: Wolf Bane P90