Rumor: Halo switching to Unreal Engine

Get ready, this is quite a doozy. So last week, YouTuber Sean W put out a video claiming to have a scoop on what the future for Halo entails
In the video, Sean says that apparently 343 will be moving Halo over from the slipspace engine (which is a heavily modified blam engine) over to Unreal Engine 5. He goes on to say that the big game mode that Certain Affinity is developing has been delayed to around 2024, as they have moved development from slipspace to Unreal. He also mentions how the next Halo game, speculated to be titled Halo: The Endless, due to this change in engine, won’t be coming until 2025. Reputable insider Jez Corden initially said that the scoop was inaccurate, but said after some looking into, Sean may be right, but currently isn’t 100% sure Jez broke the scoop earlier this year that Certain Affinity was making a massive mode. How’d you feel about the possibility of Halo switching over to a new engine after we’ve been with this 1 for over 20 years?


Been a fan since the Christmas just after CE launched. I wouldn’t mind a new engine but this switch should have been done before Infinite launched.

I personally don’t have many performance issues with Infinite but i know many people who do so if a new engine could fix that i am sure they would enjoy Infinite more.

It seems some devs hold onto engines they know way too long, looking at you Bethesda, when it holds them back more than it helps so swapping could be a good thing in this case.


If they swap to UE5 my console will fry itself. I run an og Xbox one that’s well over 16 years old (had it since I was 10)

I can’t afford a new series x atm due to making payments on other things revolving life but maybe in a month or two I’d be able to safely get one without hurting the bank.

And the United bank of money won’t try and hunt me in my sleep.

I wouldn’t be surprised. If they could successfully replicate the look and feel of Halo within UE5, I have no doubt that development on that engine would be faster and more efficient.

Which, in turn, can only be good for us. The faster they work, the faster they make things, which means content. Real content, not content held back by technical debt.


I get the point but just for the record the Xbox One came out in 2013 so its not 16 years old.

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If the franchise even switches engines that won’t happen in a month or two, and regardless, upgrading to an Xbox Series X|S will be a massive improvement for you on all games in terms of performance.


Bro Xbox One came out in 2013

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Lmao I must have something wrong then. Oh.

ye it’s not 16. I’m about to be 18, I got it when I was 10. So at this point it’d be 6-7 years old.

Memory is trash pardon me

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Understandable, have a great day.


If you want games to be improved we need new hardware and software/dev tools. UE5 seems easy to use and it might be quicker to just switch engine than fix the thousands bugs in Halo Infinite.
Xbox One is an outdated console and the biggest misstake with Halo Infinite was to make it work on all Xbox platforms, thats why the game sucks. Im sursprised they didnt try to make it work on the 360 :slight_smile:

Im 100% sure that Infinite sucks because they need to get everything working even on older consoles. Xbox one is really hurting the devs, Im sure thats why they swap engine to UE5.

Im also sure MS put pressure on 343 to make Halo Infinite work on Xbox One as well on PC. No wonder the updates gets delayed. Ohh we forgot to test it on Xbox One.

Microsoft committed to supporting Xbox One for a decade, and with the launch of Xbox Series, that all first party titles would initially come to both platforms.

This has made sense given a) the market and b) customer expectations of the respective times.

Also keep in mind we’re very, very much still in a cross-generation era; more so than any generation prior thanks to pandemic restrictions, supply chain issues, and computer chip manufacture and supply issues. It’s only recently (the last four-ish months) that you can actually walk into a retail store and reliably be able to buy an Xbox Series X off the shelves. Xbox Series S has been readily available since summer 2021. Sony won’t be able to proper began producing PlayStation 5 consoles to have proper stock until 2023.

Until people can readily buy current generation consoles, we’ll keep seeing cross-gen.

With supply improving, and with the 10 year commitment about 9-years in, I expect we’ll see Xbox One phased out through 2023.

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If UE5 makes things better and easier I’m all for it and if they can port everything that they have over. I’d so pissed if I can’t have all the coating and things I purchased without them refunding me for everything I purchased. Or make everything free that they release for a the new game if the rumors are true