Rumble Pit removal in coming update

Why are you taking away my favourite playlist 343i? I constantly struggle to find Ranked matches in my region anyway. And even then, I avoid people like I avoid filth, so I keep comms off. It works better that way for me. I know though that this can suck for everyone on my team so for the last few months I have become a FFA player instead. This might sound selfish but I don’t really see how the periodical removal of an either social or ranked FFA mode impacts my experience positively. Rumble Pit is very reliable for me in terms of finding matches in my region (Peru) and gives me a chance to enjoy the game my way without negatively impacting others, at least until a Custom Games Browser is implemented after Forge’s release. I’m sure you have good reasons for doing this but I just wanted you to know why I am completely against it and hopefully more people will identify my problem as their own so you can reconsider your decision in the future.

It isn’t being removed. It becomes part of the social rotational playlist.

Details in here:

Thanks for being more specific. I missed on that, although I did say periodical removal. Look, it is almost the only thing I play, so I don’t really like how now that challenges aren’t gonna be tied to specific modes, the mode which I play the most is not gonna be there for an extended period of time, which is pretty close to not being there when I need it anyway.

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It might as well be removed. FFA is the main reason why a lot of people play Halo. Infinite’s Rumble Pit playlist being terrible is the only reason it has a lower population. So, basically, the game becomes unplayable for us for long periods of time. Great. Really wish I never spent money on this, thinking the only playlist I enjoy would be a permanent one.