Rumble Pit Party size.

Its a bit of a shame that I can’t enter Rumble Pit with a friend. I mean, I get that its a party size of one so that others don’t gang up on those who have no party, but its a bit of a shame that its not a possibility to kick my friends -Yoink- in Matchmaking.

I can see how that would be a frustrating experience for you. Maybe they will be less restrictive of the playlist in the future, until then I hope you find other modes you can enjoy!

Happy Haloing.

What about rumble pit Oddball.

Why when you could play Advanced warfare

First of all, Galactica, you’re kind and I love you. <3

And LionEater, is Advanced Warfare any good? I’m more of a Halo guy, but a bit of CoD never did any harm. Probably wait for a price drop though. And yeah, its an honest question.