Ruins Clan - Clan Battles and Mature People

Are you looking for a break from lone wolf gaming? Looking for a group of people that want to make friends on Halo: Reach? Need some players that actually know how to work as a team? We here at Ruins Clan have all that and infinitely more to offer. Whether you’ve heard of Ruins or not, we promise that Ruins has what you’re looking for in a team, a clan, and a family of gamers. Ruins Clan is currently in its 4th generation of operation. As we grow in generation, we grow as people and as players. We have high expectations for this new generation, lead by old and new veterans of Ruins. There are numerous aspects of our clan, and many reasons why it has continued to be a success every time we enter a new generation. This time is no different.


We here at Ruins Clan pride ourselves in the teamwork we implement in each game, on and off the online matchmaking battlefield. Just like you, we enjoy being a part of a team, and hence being apart of something bigger than ourselves. We each carry our own weight to the best of our ability, but also allowed to choose what aspect of the team we want to be. Big Team Battles nad MLG are our specialty, but our teamwork is more than just for that play list. We assign roles based on volunteerism, and proceed to kick -Yoink- from the start of the game until the final seconds count down. Whether we win or lose, we know we did our best and had fun doing it. We work and play as a team, and are always looking for team players to join our ranks.

-Fun Times-

To add to that, we are certainly not a group of diehard, right-wing extremist gamers that are always bent on taking everything seriously. We know that games are meant to be fun, and we implement that in our clan as well. Do we have our moments where we are looking for the team win? Sure, who doesn’t. However we also have our moments where, just like you, we just want to chill out and play some Reach after finishing our homework, or getting home from work, or just to relax on a day off from the daily grind.


But then you might think, "Wow, they must be a bunch of immature little kids in their little clan.” And you would be very much mistaken. There is no place in Ruins for the immature or the childish. We’re a group of mature players that, in general, enjoy having friends to play with online instead of the same old solo lone wolf gameplay we’ve all experienced. The ages of our members is as diversified as our gaming styles, but we are no less mature than you are.

-Organization and Structure-

Once you become a member of our family, be as involved as you like and put your skills to work to help other people. We have forgers, racers, MLG players, BTB teams, custom matches, training programs, Firefight and campaign regulars, et cetera. You name it, we have it here at Ruins. And in the rare possibility that we don’t have what you might be looking for, speak up and let your voice be heard so that your time here with us is used doing the things you love the most in Halo Reach. We’re an organized bunch here at Ruins. Our leaders are experienced in handling the day-to-day clan operations necessary to run a successful clan. Our ranking system allows those with ambition to become more than just your everyday member, to stand out and show your worth.

Ruins Clan has always been whatever you make of it. The more you put into it, the more you receive. So join, and experience for yourself why Ruins clan is, will be, and has always been a force to be reckoned with. I am a member of Ruins, and I hope you join our family.

See you on the battlefield.

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