Ruined Matchmaking/Custom Games.

I cannot believe I am making a thread on how disappointed I am with Halo. I see these posts all the times, and hate them, as the people seem to never know what their talking about. However, after a civilized discussion with a few things, it turned into simply how much 343 ruined the matchmaking and Custom Games (As of now) since everything can be easily fixed I can only hope 343 takes everything I am about to say into full consideration.

343 seemed to have one goal whilst making matchmaking, and that’s to win over the Call Of Duty people. You have ordinance drops, which are so often, and so over powered that you will not be able to get any kills, or even win a game if you’re team does not have full ordinance. Their “Multiplayer directed maps” have extreme area’s where you can perch up, and simply spawn kill. Haven is the most over played map, do you know why? Because it is the ONLY evenly based map where you can have a chance of winning a game at. Of course you would need Ordinance to do so. Solice is another evenly distributed map. Complex, since there are lack of cover on your spawn all the other team has to do is camp on top of the building and have complete map control, not just that, but you can easily spawn kill whilst on top of the map. Abandoned is the worst map when it comes to camping, this is both because of the layout and because of the ordinance, the map is nicely layed out I do agree, and honestly have no problem if you do not fix this one. The main reason everyone hates it is because of the ordinance. You have a shotgun of any sort, a sniper rifle, and it’s good game. Camp main lift with the shotgun, and have the snipers, snipe the main lift.

Bungie was known in the forge world to have a site called “BluePrints” this is where bungie members themselves would go and check all the submitted content forgers made themselves, review it all, and add it to the matchmaking. I noticed 343 does not have this… at all. Asking around it seems that 343 has no contact information, and the only way to even have a chance to get them to notice you, or what ever you wish to show them, you have to post on this forum. Being a Forger I have several forge maps, that are completely even, and worth while for the matchmaking community, but having no chance to show them I am unable to show them it. This leaves a lack of maps on the multiplayer area which they could easily add with forged maps. 343 seems to show no interest in the forging community when it comes to matchmaking maps.

Custom Games:
As stated, I am a forger. I went through and remade several maps from halo 3, such as Janga Wall, Hurricane Catrina, and Trash Compactor. 343 made this amazing game type called “flood” but by doing so they removed Infection, made flood unable to use ANY weapon but the built in sword they have. This makes 90% of all popular custom game types impossible to re-create. No duck hunt, cops and robbers will be limited, and so much more game types everyone loved back in halo 3.

Now I understand with the making of the flood, and adding the sword to them makes it almost impossible to edit their figure for custom games, you have an option to change how they look. 343, if you read this, make it so when you change their look it enables the use of weapons for the flood/infection. This small thing, pretty much killed all my future inventions when it came to forge, and custom games.

Once again, this whole post is not on why I hate it, why I will never play the game again, or anything extremely dramatic like that, this post is simply to show 343 that they need to change some things, everyone I have talked to thinks the same thing, and I am just here to give them advice on the matter. I hope 343 will actually take the time to read it, hopefully someone from the industry will.

I heavily disagree with you on the ordinance and spawn camping parts. I’ve played and won games where my team has com back greatly, by that time the other team would have “full ordinance.” I’m not sure when the Game Nights with Carthgraphers will start up again, that is the way 343 puts forge maps into MM.

Sniper Rifles are Sniper Rifles. Shotguns are Shotguns… Whether you like it or not, Halo’s always had power weapons. :\ Tbh I’m content with the current system of acquiring them through getting X amount of points; it gives everyone a chance at the “big” guns as apposed to camping for rockets or camping for sword.