RTS Halo mod Sins of the Prophets

Hey Waypoint forums, I’m hoping I can get a little Halo community support from you guys. I’m a dev on a mod for a game called Sins of a Solar Empire, working on a total conversion to the Halo universe. The game is an RTS based in space, featuring combat between pretty massive fleets. Our mod is called Sins of the Prophets, and we’re trying to capture the battles seen in the books and at the beginning of Halo 2 and bring them to life.

At the link above is a downloadable alpha of our mod that you can play both UNSC and Covenant factions, as well as some nifty easter eggs from the Halo universe and community.

Right now the site hosting our mod is having an annual contest for the mods and we’ve already beaten out thousands of other mods to get into the top 100, but we’re now trying to get into the top 10. We earn no money for this mod and it’s entirely being made for the fans, but recognition is always nice. We would really appreciate it if you guys could come give us a vote and show us a little Halo love. The voting button is right above our image gallery at the link above and a direct link to vote for us is below, you just need to click the vote button next to “Sins of the Prophets” after following the link.

Thank you for the time it took to read this, we could really use the help in this competition.

I played this mod for about eleven hours yesterday…it’s amazingly addicting.

Less than 8 hours to vote now!