RP REQ Cards | Need Help Researching

Okay, some of you may know, a lot of you probably don’t, but I created a very large and ambitious project of putting the entire REQ System into Google Sheets.
Here is a link to the forum post:
But there is something that’s been bugging me with this. There are a few REQ cards that give you specific amounts of RP, which from my research only start being obtained after you’ve unlocked a lot of the games permanent REQs.

My dilemma is that I don’t know how many different RP REQ cards there are, the amounts they can come in, their rarities, or whether or not they only appear when the REQ pack you opened can’t give you a permanent REQ anymore or you unlocked so many that they’re more likely to appear than permanent REQs.

I’m hoping you, the community, can help me with this. Any information you have would be appreciated.