RP Boost fails

To whom it concerns,
I’m not here to complain about low RP jackpots or the odds on payouts I’m simply posting this because I was curious to see how many other players have lost their RP boosts after completing matches without recovering the card or their payouts because the post game screen fails to load the post game stats. I’m seriously beginning to get pissed off about this because now I have to wonder whether using the RP boosts will pay off because I never know if a fully completed match will load the post game stats or not. 9/10 it loads no problem but when I’ve lost close to a dozen RP boosts because of this problem I have to wonder whether or not I’m alone. Love the game but I hate that a server side problem punishes me by neither giving the rewards I earned or at least returning the boosts. I’m sure it’s not my connection because I’ve got an Ethernet cable and I test my Xbox connection beforehand because this problem has become a regular issue if only infrequently. I’d love to get an official response with an explanation on why this happens or at least something for my troubles.

Sincerely yours,

edit - upon further review I’ve also noticed that the stats on halowaypoint still recorded the matches as either wins or loses but the rp from the boosts never came in. This is not the same as rp from matches not immediately showing up in my account, they simply disappear as in the match happened, the post game stats timed out as my character appears rifle at the ready with an error message displays a failed to load message and the connection to online doesn’t disconnect but the ability to see previous match stats isn’t there and the rp from the boost never arrived.
final edit- I can’t be sure but it appears that the RP boost came into my account today, then again I just kept playing after the problem occurred so I can’t say this with certainty. However because I’m uncertain about this I’d like to point out that this RP problem hasn’t been clearly resolved in any way so I wish to withdraw my complaint at this time but still believe this issue deserves some clarification as to what happens when it occurs and what players should expect if it happens to them. Until then I’ll just keep on gaming and hope for the best! See you on the battlefield Spartans!