RP and LVL still not working after hotfix!!!!

Still having the same problem as many others are having with the RP system not working and I’m still at lvl 1 when I should be at lvl 30. This is really getting on my nerves! This is bin going on for me for the past 3 days and for other players it seems to have bin longer for them. It all happen after that hotfix after the Hammer Storm update came out. My friend did have the problem but it fixed itself somehow and I don’t know how that happened. I know this has only bin 3 days for me with this problem and it might take time to fix it, but come on 343!!! Give the community some news as to how this problem is being resolved. Anything!!! This problem has come up more often then another problem for this week that I have seen.

P.s. If someone says to delete the game and download the game again. Find some other forms that have 90% of comments saying that didn’t work. We need 343 to say something about this problem and how it is being taken care of.

Restarting the game fixes this for me.

If you contact 24/7 Xbox live support they can help with this issue. I had to do a Hard reset on my xbox, that means unplugging it and letting the light go off on the power box. after that I also un installed my profile then re installed it.

this worked and took only about 10 minutes to complete.