Royale eSports is looking for new players

Hi guys,

I’m the founder/leader of Royale eSports. We’re a Halo based team of players, from graphic designers, video editors, content creators, player representatives, and of course, pro players. However we are making changes to the roster soon, and half of the team has been very inactive, and so therefore are going to get kicked off the team if they don’t improve, however we’re looking for new players of all kinds.

We do already have a team for HCS World Championships however will be looking for more players for things such as LAN events, online cups, online ladders and scrims.

We are also in dire need of Halo content creators. The team’s representative will grow with the content creators within it, and so therefore it is important we have active YouTubers that focus primarily on Halo.

We are also looking for more video editors and graphic artists, seeing as we want to take a good media presence also.

If you think you’d be down please reply to this post and/or leave me a mail on here. Thanks :slight_smile:

-S7N Tengu