👑Royal Blood United 💫

Calling All Gamers!!!

My clan is Royal Blood United is looking for gamers on both Halo MCC PC and Halo gamers on Xbox. This is our clan mission: "We are going to put an end to silence on the halo multiplayer platform. We will bring friends all around the world back to the halo. There will no longer be as long as we stick together the last man standing. We will dominate the multiplayer of halo in all versions of the game. Most importantly we will bring back the fun old days of halo that we all may have experienced with halo 1 playing coop with our best friends on a day we all did not want to go outside.”
-We are up and coming, constantly growing, and may seem small but we are striving to become the most active community on halo. Keyword active not huge

-10 dollars USD and 5 dollars USD Monthly giveaway!!! Every MONTH!!

-We are looking for gamers that are actively looking for achievements or looking for people to play with. These gamers will help grow our community and make our members better and improve their gaming experience as well as yours. We have no restrictions on age or armor with regards to wearing a uniform. We have a competitive team that plays in online competitive tournaments for money. We also hold events and tournaments for cash prizes.

-Spots open: Fire Team Members (Anywhere around the world)- Halo 5 & MCC Xbox One—Halo MCC///Steam Preferred///

-Spot open: Fire Team Leader (Spanish Speaking) Halo 5 & MCC Xbox One Only

-Req: 16 years or older must be mature

-We hold regular events and tournaments for all members invited to participate in!!!

-Req: Must join our clan website to join a clan- https// www. royalbloodunited . com

-Anyone interested please DM jcf55.