ROTS Clan [Halo Reach-Halo 4]

Rise of the Spartans

This is a clan made by FTG Sn1p3s (yes hes changing his name), I am “Webmaster” and a founder of the clan. We are a team based, we have currently 14 members (were are trying to go big), we have our own website, it has a fourm, chatroom, application document, and im working on adding mumble. We want to become a “super clan” with alot of members, we have 12 main ranks (view site for info) and we are looking for leaders. Were all about having fun and communication with team members. We play alot of custom games, were working on having custom game lobbys every friday (ill post the times on the forum). Anyway, if you want to apply for the clan go to and register, then do the clan application on the “recruitment” tab on the menu bar, i check the website applications at least twice a day.

-Xbox Armor

Is this related to the machinima series?

no, it isnt, i havent even seen the series. Our leader made the name, idk what made him choose rise of the spartans.