"Rotational Hoppers" shouldn't exist.

Instead of REMOVING playlists to swap out for a new one, why not just keep the playlist in War Games after it has been implemented into the Matchmaking? This is for the sake of variety, which the playlists right now, due to lack of:

-An actual FFA playlist (Rumble Pit/Lone Wolves)
-Doubles and Multi-Team
-Action Sack
-Team Objective and BTB Objective
-A Classic Playlist
-and a slew of others

have very little in terms of choice.

Take a look at SWAT, for example. After it was first put into Halo 4, it’s been the 3rd most populated playlist since. Are you really going to give all of those players the -Yoink- end of the stick? Why? SWAT had been in Reach ever since it was first put there. Why can’t the same be said here?

I don’t think rotational hoppers is a bad idea but to me playlists like Swat, Snipers, Reg FFA, Doubles etc. should be reg playlists that are permanent. Whereas fiesta slayer, flood, race, and random playlists like the double xp playlists back in H3 should be rotational.

I loved the way Halo 3 playlists worked. Basically the playlists should resemble them, such as:

-Classic Slayer
-Infinity Slayer
-Classic BTB (w/ objective)
-Infinity BTB slayer

I also think that the rotational hoppers should be things like snipers, fiesta slayer, race, etc.

They need to add in Rocket Race, too.

Rotational playlists are perfect. Playlists like SWAT, Snipers, Action Sack, and Grifball should have always been rotational because they are all niche gametypes.

I think that if they change anything playlist realted in the near future they should consdense the 4 different objective playlists into one playlist and add Doubles.

Rotational Playlists are fine.

I honestly didn’t enjoy anything more than learning what the DEXP. playlist would be for Halo 3. Thursday-Sunday, I would play that playlist, and it was often something I couldn’t normally play, like Fiesta or Grifball.

I’d rather have rotational playlists, or else you’re going to get what happened in Reach: The majority of the people are playing Grifball and Infection, which is actually embarrassing to Halo’s name.

Rotational hoppers are different than rotational playlists. The hoppers are what match you with other player’s. The OP needs to change the title

The problem with just “leaving everything” is that it spreads the player base too thin.

If you’ve got 47 playlists, Slayer and Big Team Slayer are going to be the only active ones, and the rest will have 100-200 people.

They need to add doubles quick and not make it rotational

Rotational hoppers are a great idea. You just can’t expect every one of them to be tailored to you, there’s been nothing for me yet but it’s only the second week.

They should help keep things fresh and provide an escape from the normal gametypes.

I’d play swat if they’d give me all the headshot guns. As is it’s unsc no shields halo. Snipers wasn’t including beam rifles so I really didn’t care if it ever showed up( I understand and support binarys having no place in a snipe fight)

I completely agree with all of you but personally I like my swat so it shoud definitely stay permanent because it adds a nice variety to the mix. I don’t even know which rotational playlists there are going to be.

I will say this again: hoppers are not playlists. >.>