Rotating Weapon Spawns Need To Go

Here’s the thing. I love this game. The gameplay is solid, the sandbox is well balanced, the maps are generally well designed. It looks beautiful. I haven’t been this excited to play a campaign for any single player title in years. And honestly, even the challenge system is slowly moving to a better place a bit more comparable with Reach’s.


Rotating weapon spawns are bad, plain and simple. When combined with the challenge system it creates a frankly infuriating loop of spawning in, looking for where a gun normally appears and finding something else entirely there - and then having to spend a good portion of the match figuring out if it’s on the map at all. And this is from someone who bothered to put in the time, boot up multiple custom games for each map and work to memorize them as best I can. I’d be entirely okay with it if I simply wasn’t getting maps that had the guns the game wanted me to use - but to load into something like six or eight games on maps I know, say, the Mangler appears on and finding nothing but Disruptors or Plasma Pistols is, shall we say, spiritually taxing.

It’s simply not good for the sandbox.

Altogether it exacerbates an already disliked challenge system, removes most elements of team planning since you can’t count on specific guns or vehicles being where you expect them to be and introduces an element of chaos that Infinite marketed itself on getting rid of by going back to form with Halo’s multiplayer. Which, for the most part, they have - far as I can tell this is the only gameplay element they missed a beat on, and I’m really hoping it gets changed again sometime soon. They seem to understand that this didn’t work for ranked so I’m not sure why they thought it was a good idea to keep for Quickplay which is where the majority of players seem to spend their time.


Agreed, I understand the intent of the mechanic but it just doesn’t work, especially when you expect players to complete challenges with certain weapons & then randomize weapon spawns to make the whole process tedious.


Yeah, I understand that “memorizing the map” is more of a ranked play concept, but I do find it jarring when I occasionally hop into quick play and can’t find the weapons that I’m looking for.

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Rotating mirrored sets of weapons is okayish for me, it’s only in social anyway.

What I don’t like however is that there are rotations at which the bases are not the same (for example in Highpower one base will have BR’s and the other commando’s) which really impacts the game in a bad way.


My issue is that it disingenuous to the sandbox. Basically 343 is asying that the BR and Commando are interchangeable.

They’re not.

The BR excels at mid-long range, will the Commando is better for closer ranges (in my experience).

But some guns are completely different from their counterparts in the same class. The Ravager and Hydra being the best examples. One is anti-infantry while the other is better suited for vehicle killing.

Some maps from earlier games have even been defined by the weapons they had over the actual layout.

Take Behemoth. A 4v4 map with vehicles. The Vehicles should be dominant and the weapons should be designed to counter them (Skewers/Shock Rifles in the towers, Hydras on the corners, Disruptors in the bases). Instead we’ve got manglers spawning on a large, open map.

Equipment doesn’t rotate (barring AC and OS), so why are weapons/vehicles doing it?

The Highpower imbalance drives me mad.

What were they thinking? One side has 5/6 one has 2. I appreciate the asymmetry but it needs to be fair.

Exactly my stance on it, while it can be fun having to breach the enemy base to get the single Bulldog on the map for your challenge kills… It creates unfair starts. I’m all for them being random in social but they should at least be mirrored. Having one team get a Shock Rifle and two BRs while the other team gets the Stalker and 2 Commandos is extremely unfair.

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I agree with this topic completely, it’s very needlessly jarring. It’s almost like we got a lot of our demands for classic visuals and sound and story to come back but as a tax we lose other staples of the game lmao.

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yes especially on big team maps like high powered.