Hey YOU, Yea you the halo fan in the chair somehow playing reading and typing at the same time, wouldn’t like a game mode that brings you back to halo 3? Maybe a mode that’s just full of stupid fun and excitement? Then vote on this poll and show 343 you want rocket race in matchmaking! And post what you think about rocket race in halo 4.

I personally would like to see some outrageous things, maybe they can take some forge made maps and implement them in the map list. (like some competition for the forgers to make BA rocket racing maps

who knows?

The race gametype no longer exists. So forgers can’t really create any maps around it since they don’t have objective markers etc. for Race.

BAM race mode that and I think they are adding a race mode.

bump for rocket race

Personally, I’d like to see all the old playlists back in Halo 4

oh yes


bump… GET voting people!

No thanks had enough of that.

Bump. I love race.