Rooms for Improvement

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Halo. I played every single game in the series, loved every multiplayer, and enjoyed (almost) every campaign in the series (Halo 5 didn’t care too much for with story mode). As much I am having fun with halo infinite and excited for the full release, 343 REALLY needs to fix the issues that is going with this flight that’s preventing me from having the amount of fun I could be experiencing. I constantly find myself missing shots because the sidekick’s aim assist is complete and utter garbage. It’s extremely easy to die, especially with the radar being such short range. It really needs to detect people at a greater distance. All I ask is that at least the sidekick’s aim assist is better because it is too damn difficult to consistently get shots with it.

Lastly, the netcode and hit detection needs to be improved. I feel like I constantly have desync during gameplay. I always find myself dying from shots that are belated even when I try to take cover. Obviously, I know this is beta and that 343 is working on it before launch, but this just makes the game feel unfair at times. I am still looking forward to this game when it launches because I absolutely love halo multiplayer. Of course, I definitely needed to address these issues because no game should make you feel like you are not getting the amount of fun you should be getting.

Think the lag stuff is because of the stress testing. Hopefully they have enough info to prepare more for launch now as clearly some issues going on.