Roommate and I cannot play together.

When trying to play a game with my roommate the “DISCONNECTED” error will appear 100% of the time and we will be unable to play. If we are playing with a group of 3+ one of us will be kicked and then the game will start. We are both using a wired connection into the same router. We both have open NAT. Using wireless does not work. Closing Halo 5 completely does not work. Hard/soft resetting the xbox does not work. This happens on all playlists, 100% of the time. The only thing that seems to work is if we both play a game separately then join each other, this however only works for one game then it kicks us again. Help please!

Me and my roommate got to play a bit last night but now I can no longer continue my single player campaign, it just gets stuck at a loading screen.

Same issue

Same here open cone nats, every 4-5 games it get stuck and not load the game for one of the xboxs. Loading into a game without each other works fine. Just getting locked into a match and not being able to back up to get the other person is starting to be a real pain!

Thank you for your report. We’re tracking this issue in another thread: Link