hey guys with the memories of reach out im looking for people that wants to roleplay Noble Team with me. im Carter, Rising Liberty is Emile, Kat and Jorge are questionible, so im looking for a Jun roleplay thats good with the sniper rifle. if the possible Kat and Jorge roleplayers are “no shows” then the spots are open. if ur interested message me or Rising Liberty or just reply on this forum letting me know what Noble Team member between Kat, Jorge, and Jun u wanna roleplay, but if u choose Kat u have to be a girl. ANYONE INTERESTED?

Hey bro, Not sure how much you check the forums but I do run a table top Role-play with a full system and all, More along the lines for ODST’s but if you’re down message me.

what about Blue Team, Osiris, Noble, etc?

i have all the noble team armor pieces so i can do whatever