Roleplay recruiting

Hey guys! Im not sure that anyone posted a topic for both roleplaying and Roleplay map making. :expressionless: so i was wondering if anyone wanted to help me and join in on my roleplay!

This Roleplay is being played in halo 4 (like in game xbox life kind of roleplay, not forum roleplay.)

Character profile goes like this:

Affiliation(pick one): Imperial Army (until taken hostage by the Renegade Army) (It can be either Imperial Army or Renegade Army(Your choice)

Rank and Name: Commander Andrew S. Clanton

Weapons that your trained with (best to not so best(UNSC Weapons only): Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Saw, Magnum, Spartan Laser, Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, and Sniper Rifle.

Character Pros: Good with a wide range of weapons, Excellent at leading Squads into victory, and has exceeded greatly in both Basic and Advanced Training.

Character Cons: Has been banned from using a Sniper rifle, Commonly goofs around, and over does certain things.

Character bio: [DATA DELETED] (Dun Dun Dun!!!(I didn’t know what to say So i just put it like that :P)


When I get a chance I’ll put in a storyline for the roleplay we are going to do!

APOLOGY EDIT: I forgot to type what my Gamer Tag is: Commander Keel

P.S. If you have a kind of roleplay in mind thats different than this please PM me!

ALSO if you want to try to roleplay but your not sure how, I will do what I can to help you out!

count me in! if you snab me while im on we can RP whenever and i have a friend i play with to that will love this

Awesome! Ill see what i can do then, if you have any ideas tell me, and also do you mind giving your Roleplay Character? If you don’t have one just make one and use the basic example i put on the main post (don’t copy everything off of it though, just put in your name, your rank, your persons pros, your persons cons, your afflation(Imperial Army or Renagade Army) the weapons your trained with(UNSC only other non-UNSC weapons can be made on special occasion), and your Character Bio

Sounds like fun :smiley:
I actually always imagine my Spartan with a specific personality and way of getting things done. So I’m in :}

Nice :slight_smile:
The more people that get to join the better

Also both to Mr J311Y B3AN and Lyle the Forger and then to everyone else that replies to this topic PLEASE PM ME THE PARTS OF WHAT YOU WANT YOUR SPARTAN TO BE

Here is a basic outline on what your persons Military Record should look like.

name and rank:

your persons pros:

your persons cons:

your afflation(Imperial Army or Renagade Army):

the weapons your trained with(UNSC only other non-UNSC weapons made on rare occasion):

Character Bio:

PM ME YOUR FILLED IN MILITARY REPORT FOR THE ROLEPLAY and ill PM you back to tell you if its good to go or not! (Your can be any rank you want just make sure its within reason(within reason: Private, Corporal, Sargen, etc(NOT within reason: God mode general, leader of all humanity, Chuck Testa, all that stuff CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE USED IN YOUR MILITARY ROLEPLAY REPORT) ok cool.

It may take a few days to get it all together :}

Yeah don’t worry i knew it would take some time so don’t worry

If you’re into role playing, you might also be interested in body acting. If so, please, message me.

Count me in. I’d love to rp in Halo 4.

Neat! When i get a chance ill meet you on xbox live.

Just a reminder!

I’m still asking for people who like to roleplay in halo 4!

Like i said, I’ll join, but when I searched up your gt, nothing came up. :frowning:

Sounds like fun, hit me up, GT: Moneyapple

GT: YouxxGotxxOwned

Affiliation: Freelance/Hit man

Rank: None

Name: Vortex

Weapons: DMR, Sniper Rifle, Battle Rifle, Railgun, Saw, Magnum, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Stick Detonator, Spartan Laser,

Character Pros: Doesn’t stop until the jobs done. 10+ years of experience. Can hack almost anything. Hates Call of Duty.

Character Cons: Doesn’t talk much. Dislikes orders from others. Tends to disappear at random times.

Character bio: (Classified)

Awesome! Remember the more people that join the better it gets, we’ll need alot of help on this stuff!

Affiliation: For Hire

Rank: Freelancer

Name: Crownblade

Weapons: DMR, Sniper Rifle, Saw, Shotgun, Stick Detonator, Spartan Laser, Railgun, Magnum, Rocket Launcher, Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle

Character Pros: Excellent with any type of weapon, but hates the Battle Rifle

Character Cons: Sociopathic tendencies. Dislikes teammates.

Character bio: [Classified]


You are indeed a grand one!
I’ll see what I can do to friend you on xbox live!

we have three people total with Military Role Play Data
I advise ALL who want in on this PLEASE post your Data when you post on this topic saying you want to join! It is NEEDED for the whole thing to work!

I’m in. GT: Remnant Echo, I also have a capture card if you want to record the videos.
Not the best at making stuff up but,

Affiliation: Imperial Army

Code Name: Echo

Rank: Lieutenant

Weapons: DMR, Sniper Rifle, Knife, Sword

Pros: Excellent at mid to long range and close-quarters combat

Cons: Tends to appear at random while not engaged in a mission, eavesdrops frequently, clumsy at times, jokes around

Character Bios: [CLASSIFIED]

Reason for Discharge: [UKNOWN]

Good work Ill friend you when I can!