Rockstar energy drink and promotional codes outside the US/Canada?

Just wondering if there is any plans to release Rockstar energy drink Halo Infinite promotional products outside the US/Canada.

I live in Australia, love Rockstar energy drinks and Halo of course… I would love to be able to purchase these here in my home country so that I’m not missing out on extra content and promotional products and in turn getting lost well behind the XP grind compared to other nations that have them. I just can’t justify the cost to purchase $4 dollar energy drinks with $20 dollars shipping from the other side of the globe.

Is there any plans to release these promotional cans globally or am I blam! out of luck?

I think the rest of the world is out of luck for this and the Kellogg’s promo… unless you have friends from US/Canada who may do you the favour. I personally don’t mind paying for the cost of the product even if I don’t drink/eat them myself.
My son managed to get several codes this way, I did too for Gears3 sometime back.