Rockstar Cans in the Wild?

Oh man, this new website is confusing to me lol.

Anyway, has anyone seen the Halo Rockstar Energy Drinks in the wild? I’m in Upstate NY, and have yet to see it anywhere, rather it be CVS, Hannaford, or Convenience stores.

I was able to find 1 blue can after checking many different targets. My brother also found 1 blue can at publix after checking many. They are out there its just difficult to find them. Which is a shame because Id like to at least have 1 of each. The art is so nice!

Best place to get them is Amazon (I’m in MA). The first pack you buy (of any Rockstar from their Amazon store) grands a bundle code, other than that you can get the specific Halo branded cans to get your regular can codes too.

Only this week have I started to see Halo cans at 7 Eleven and Shell stations here and there. I think they got stock in most places, but they have to rotate out the standard stock first.

Doesn’t hurt to ask the clerk too. They might know when they’re about to open a case.

I haven’t found any but I’ll probably order them from Amazon or something.

As someone who lives down in Long Island, I’m struggling to find them as well. I don’t want to use Amazon unless it’s a last resort because I have no need for 12 of each can. But oddly enough, my local Targets and Walmarts don’t sell rockstar at all, so I’ve been hunting gas stations, grocery stores and 7-Elevens.

I just moved from NY, lived there all my life, never once saw Rockstar sold anywhere, not even in a different borough, different town, etc. Any time I found Rockstar was outside of NY.

I ordered the Original Flavor Rockstar cans from Amazon, and I never got any indication that I received a special code, not only that, the cans were just regular cans. I got a refund and it looks like they’ve changed the title on Amazon so it’s not as misleading.
Beyond that I have 11 codes entered but there’s no Cirlce K’s near me.

I don’t understand why distribution here is so spotty lol. I’ve only had luck at Speedway, Rite Aid and like one specific 7-Eleven location 3 towns away. I guess it’s just not all that popular over here in NY?

I’ve seen the gold one in my local grocery store. I bought a can but still need to redeem it.

I need to swing by Circle K and get their exclusive one.

One thing I’m confused about is on the website it also mentions Amazon on one of the tiers - is there an Amazon exclusive can you need to order online in order to unlock all the tiers?

where are Circle K’s available?

ive found most of my cans at Walmart. so far the only one that isn’t at Walmart is the blue ones which I got off amazon but the special Amazon bundle didn’t trigger.

I’m in upstate, so it’s a little different than the city. We’ve had them for years. Then Again, My local CVS is STILL selling halo Monster cans

Im in the chilly wilds of Canada but I have managed to see most of them at Walmart other than the black one. We don’t get the blue one though which makes me sad.

Also from upstate NY here. I’ve had luck finding the Halo Rockstar cans in local gas stations and Walmart. Look in Circle K as well. I’ve had the most luck finding the cans in just local gas stations.