Rocket Race...

I was wondering if it’s possible that Rocket Race makes a return in Halo 4.

It’s my favorite gametype ever, with all the chaos and fun of seeing rockets flying around you and spinning in the air.

I was just wondering how you guys would feel if Rocket Race would be in Halo 4.

Rocket Race is the funniest -Yoink- ever. Its one of my favorite gametypes as well. I’m gonna say it’ll be in simply because it’s a Halo staple now like grifball. Not only that but the Mongoose is in the game.

It probably will return. I don’t like rocket race though, it’s an annoying gametype.

One moooaaar thing. I hope they disable assassination animations in it since thats the only way to kill people. Not because I don’t like them, trust me I love the animations, but because it’ll just end up a giant assassination train.

I hope it returns. It’s one of my favorite gametypes and I had a blast playing it especially in Halo 3.

i hope it has its own playlist, no one evr picks it in matchmaking

I find it hilarious, it would be awesome if it returned

Rocket race can be be the most annoying thing in the world, but i’m sure it will be in the game. Doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to implement.

> I find it hilarious, it would be awesome if it returned