Rocket Race Wouldn't be fun in Halo 5

I was thinking about how much I miss the fun gametypes like infection, race, and rocket race, and it got me thinking about Halo 5’s physics in comparison to previous titles.
Vehicles like mongooses and warthogs are much heavier now. You used to be able to send a mongoose flying with a grenade or even a brute shot type weapon (smaller explosions). Now, they hardly effect those vehicles except in terms on damage.

This is why rocket race simply wouldn’t work or at least wouldn’t be as fun in Halo 5. I think the mongoose is probably too heavy and the rockets wouldn’t really affect the race that much and overall its less silly/entertaining to watch a mongoose hardly budge compared to seeing one fly into -Yoinking!- orbit like older games.

I agree with what you’re saying.

They could turn down the physics for them…you can turn down gravity volume in Forge right? Or was that not a thing…

To be fair, race was never fun except in customs.

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> To be fair, race was never fun except in customs.

Exactly my point. It was fun when people created tracks in Forge to race in customs but it was never that amazing to begin with. Waiting for Infection as my “fun” gametype to play.