Rocket Race update

so rocket race launched yesterday

I think the first thing I noticed was, there is no kills, the people are unkillable, and the mongoose are not destroyable, which is a change from halo reach’s rocket race settings.

I am fine with this apart from I was hoping for about 2 months I could get the mongoose destroyer commendation from this playlist, but seems not.

the only other added feature I noticed was assigned placing on the mongoose as ‘Driver’ or ‘Gunner’ so players who desire to shoot or drive cant betray teammates or ruin the game, so I feel it was a nice touch to add

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Rocket Race Feedback

Well, the Warthogs in Halo: Reach’s Rocket Race gametype were not destroyable either. Only once you had managed to flip the vehicle and remove everyone from it could you deal damage to the player/vehicle.

Actually I killed three or four mongooses in rocket race. Shooting them off the cliffs!!

It’s hilarious when you get a little kid on your team…Just don’t drive, or Rocket yourself whenever you’re about to score. Even funnier when you’re only one point from winning xD

You never could kill people with Rockets in Rocket Race, as far as I recall. That didn’t work in either Reach or Halo 3. The rockets are just to blast your enemies off-course or into a kill boundary if you can.

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