Rocket Pistol?

So, we got the GI article as well as the first look trailer… we have yet to receive any info on the rocket pistol other than it exists. Its not even a rocket pistol for all we know… thoughts? What do we think it could be/what do uses can it have?

Remember guys, all this is just speculation, none of us actually knows what the ‘pistol’ thing does.

I was thinking the same thing today. It’s probably the new replacement for Reach’s “Pro-Pipe”. Either that, or there are weapon attachments now. Please, lawd, let it be the former.

Looks like some kind of Flare Gun to me. It could be a successor to Reach’s Grenade Launcher, but who knows?

Rocket Punch > Rocket Pistol :stuck_out_tongue:

Sentinel says hi.

Honestly, i just hope that the pro pipe returns and that rocket pistol was just a concept for a different weapon. If not…

Going off the that first trailer, it seems the RP is a single shot-reload and the actual projectile sticks to a target before exploding. Reminds me of the Skorpion from ME 3.

I find it funny how a grenade launcher on CoD is the “Noob Tube” and Halo it’s the “Pro Pipe”.
But I’m thinking that pistol thing is a new weapon.

In COD, your asking people to die easily if you can control the time of detonation. In Halo, its pro because to kill someone afterwards, you REALLY need to be accurate with it, otherwise, your running the risk of an EMP drop while you die.

Honestly, the GL is overpowered. I’m all for a replacement. Heck, at one point for a match of BOOMball, I was able to manipulate my kills with the GL because I knew how to bounce it off the walls in awkward ways for people to not notice. A straight shot GL? Much more effective for Anti-vehicle destruction.

that was just a teaser trailer, we know from GI that he wakes up exchanges a few sarcastic remarks with cortana then has an entire mission on that -Yoink- then gets to the broken part to see covenant ships. that trailer was all subject to change and for as odd an idea as an explosive handgun able to blast through bulkhead beams, this thing has probably been dropped, or it possible its one of the upgrades they mentioned, for the pistol perhaps, how would that suck, to have guys spawn with it as a sidearm, begs the question what would the primary be, a shotgun with incindiary rounds

Hey wait a minute the Reach GL isn’t hard to use I destroy with that thing, hit them in the chest and forget timing it, it kills on impact damaging nearby oponents. i only use the emp for lobbing them over the bridge and into the green lift room from the shotty spawn balcony on sword base, then when your team lobs grenades in and what not you let it pop. that and the occassional jetpacker on uncaged