Rocket launcher, fuel rod gun, Incineration Cannon

Which weapon do you think is OP to use?

Rocket launcher, it has two shots, good damage and it has a nice scope. These weapons are much harder to use against Spartans though because if they are anywhere close to you it is easy to aim just a little off and waste a last round or maybe even kill yourself.

Fuel rod. One shot kill if direct hit and you get like 149 shots of with one fuel rod.

fuel rod but I like it anyway!

to be perfectly honest my favorite is the incineration cannon. It can destroy a scorpion with one shot and has a burst feature.

Fuel Rod based on sound alone.

For me rocket launcher, 3 reasons, 1:does good amount of damage, 2: how it can lock on to banshee’s, 3: ok scope has a good zoom

The for m would be incineration cannon, the fuel rod, but all of these are rlly OP

Fuel Rod


Rockets because they lock on do really good damage and have two shots. Whereas the fuel rods does virtually no damage to tough vehicles and does hardly any splash damage.

Fuel rod is the strongest, one hit kill, very little splash back so you can use it point blank. You have enough rounds to get at least a killing frenzy.

How many kills can you get with a rocket launcher? Four, maybe a little more if you’re really lucky.

Fuel Rod on Solace - nuff’ said…

Fuel Rod is best for skill, Rocket Launcher is your aim can be off, and Incineration Cannon for vehicles

Incineration Cannon > EVERYTHING

All seem pretty op, but I would go with the Rocket Launcher.