Rocket jumping in Halo,

in a manner of speaking. I was inspired by Team Fortress 2 to try it the next time I played Halo, and so when I got a concussion rifle in an online game, I decided to try it out.

It works best when you start pressing the trigger so that it’s all the way down right when you jump, so you jump and fire at the exact same time. Obviously you need to sacrifice some shields for it, but it launches you about as far upward as the ground level on Exile to the second floor area in the middle of the map.

I know, it’s already been done with the Brute Shot, and there aren’t many circumstances where it would be practical, especially if you can just start with a jetpack anyway, but it can come in handy if you keep it in mind and find yourself under the exact right circumstances. It definitely catches people off guard when you do it, and if you can make anything of that afterward, it can be extremely helpful if done right.

Not to mention it’s really fun if you pull off a rocket jump and then blast some unsuspecting sucker in the face.

To do concussion rifle jumps I usually hit the ground, then hit the wall, aim up, and hit it again until I propel all the way up.

I remember trying to jump higher in Halo 4 with the Gravity Hammer for the first time. Very disappointing, nothing happens. At least the Concussion rifle still does something, but it’s not very practical in a fight.

Ah Halo3 on ‘The Pit’ with odd ball. Get above one of the bases and you were guaranteed a win.

> Ah Halo3 on ‘The Pit’ with odd ball. Get above one of the bases and you were guaranteed a win.

Oh, yeah, I remember that. Except when other teams managed to get up there, and then fight you for the oddball themselves. Those were some of the most ridiculous games I ever played…