Rocket Hog Race

when halo reach first came out, race was a fun gametype because everyone was in a mongoose, and driver’s skill was needed to win the games. Now there is rocket hog race. it is stupid because when people that have skill such as myself want to go into a multi team game, they want to play a crazy king or headhunter game. when the voting screen comes up and all the little kids and BKs see rocket hog race, they all vote for rocket hog race simply because it is easy and required no skill. people claim that rocket race takes driver skill to win.

the mongoose race gametype with 8 people on rumble pit needs to come back. this is because there is driver skill involved in order to win, and there is no interference by constant rocket hogs or rocket launchers. The rocket hog race gametype should be moved to a stupid playlist like action sack where no skill is involved to get kills. it would fit perfectly with all the n00bs that play action sack.

if you want the old mongoose race gametype from matchmaking when the game was first released to be reinstated into rumble pit, and/or rocket hog race to be deleted from multi team, leave your comment below. much appreciated.