Rock&Roll Halo 5 Montage ~ Wingman|Guassathon

Not your ordinary montage from my youtube channel, Halo 5 Moments. I’m the driver! The wingman! Co-starring random gunner CptThundernuts3 who is not my friend, none of this was planned, and as far as I know he is still unaware of this. Guys, please let me know what you think I’m really going blz to the wall trying to make piping hot shizzle for your grizzle living off dribblings of Adwords and my savings, editing into the deep dark night. With great tedious lengths I present gameplay footage sprinkled in as ornaments, leaving most of my content attempting to pose as an action movie. This means multiple angles, recording the same events multiple times from different angles and approaches and blending them all together to give hollywood continuity. I love showing the rag doll death animations of fallen enemy Spartans probably most of all. Soon I will have a 4k tv for those extra crispy rods and cones.

Spank you very much.

Savior of Hyrule: Halo 5 Gauss Cannon Warthog Gameplay | Wingman ~ Montage #7 - YouTube