Roasting Brian Reed

Hey guys, i know a lot of people don’t like/Hate Brian Reed so i thought it would be funny if a lot of people could just -Yoink- about for a while and crack some jokes. Im pretty sure this is going to be banned because it may be against the rules i dont know. I know a lot you will probably hate on this but whatever. Have Fun guys! :slight_smile:


343 before Halo 5’s release.

343: “Say before this release, anyone want say a few words?”

One guy with common sense: I don’t know about this art design and story. I figure if God can hear how scared I am so can everyone else. Reed, you buying first req pack when we’re done?"

343: “You ask, you buy. FireTeam marketing, the light is green.” Shells out cash to misportray a Locke vs chief story.

I mean, would he really taste that good?


What’s a Genesis?

> 2535405450804460;2:
> Roasting*

My bad

> 2533275022416367;4:
> I mean, would he really taste that good?

Chestnuts over an open fire…

I don’t hate Brian Reed but I find him to be a not good writer.


While your intentions are innocent enough, I don’t see this thread going anyplace good.