Roadmap to launch

Just seeing everyone discuss when we’re getting more stuff regarding halo like when the tech test is coming or when campaign footage is arriving. Well, based off past launches and taking into account this halo launch is also unlike any that has come before it due to covid and the free to play nature, I think I have a pretty good idea on when to expect the drip feed of content until launch.

-September we have the 4v4, Btb tech preview, most likely sometime in the middle of the month.
-October is the time to show campaign, probably just gonna be a random upload to the youtube channel, whatever it is, campaign stuff is probably coming October.
-November is when we get the Open Beta (No insider signup), let people go crazy, stress test the servers for a real world look into what 343 can expect their servers to bear at launch. who knows if this will actually happen, just a guess. Also, Launch content will be revealed towards the end of the month (Maps, modes, playlists that sort stuff)
EDIT: Probably a 20th anniversary event/stream/video celebrating Halo and Xbox. 50/50 chance it has big infinite stuff.
-December will probably include some sort of event leading up to launch, event could be big, could be small, but they’ll have something.
-Something that I can’t estimate will be when the trailers and marketing ads drop. I’d assume we will get 2 or 3 trailers, with one probably being a live action trailer. Probably gonna be unleashed around the later part of the year. Late October-December

Its fun to ponder about these things with something I’m so incredibly hyped for. If you have a different idea for a roadmap, let me know.

I like the idea, great work!

Seems like a pretty reasonable approach! Thanks!

Good post. Well thought out and probably close to how actual execution will work.

pretty much accurate, but i would like to add 1 thing to your list.
november 15 : 343i will release special 20 year anniversary epic cinematic trailer which shows the master chief great journey from beginning and how they will continue his legacy in halo infinite and beyond.
also i think they will have some sort of special event celebration at november 15.

I would say this is pretty accurate, but… This games marketing has done nothing but surprise me, so whoo knows that we’ll get ha

I imagine we have at least two more tech preview flights, including the Big Team Battle one coming up.

Good post. Has an open beta test been verified? I hope so because I don’t think I will get selected to flight test.

hopefully they actually drop all edition’s of the game soon

It is so much fun and enjoyable pondering about the launch date and everything that goes into it. I too am hoping to see a BTB test flight because Halo games play much different when playing BTB compared to 4v4. This is a great road map and timeline. Let’s see how close you are in the future.

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> Good post. Has an open beta test been verified? I hope so because I don’t think I will get selected to flight test.

Nothing has been confirmed. Just many theories and thoughts based on previous game releases and what the lead up to them looked like.