Roadmap coming soon!

Infection won’t come until October or later when the DLC expansion 1 which reintroduces the flood launches :slight_smile:


I know, I just really hope they release it soon. It would be such an escape from the sweaty tryhard modes

I’d absolutely love for this to be the case, but I think you need to lower your expectations a bit. I’d be shocked if we got half of that within that timeframe.

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I’d be happy if we even got a quarter of this. I hope they aren’t gonna go the route of no new real content during the seasons and just pack all the new stuff into each season. If that is the case though, we should at least get some content where S2 was originally supposed to be

Thing is though, they aren’t really big expectations. A triple A studio should be able to meet that but they’re acting like a indie studio. They really need a supporting studio to help them

Ranked Tactical Slayer and Ranked Slayer
The ability to turn off crossplay!

Ahh, maybe too late to care.