Roadmap coming soon!

What are your hopes for the roadmap?

Infection + 1 other gamemode

Mid March
Crosscore Customization

How about you?


The shop to be shut down and put things back to the way they were earning items instead of having to pay for everything.

As if that will ever happen :smile:

Seriously though, more content would be appreciated, and what I mean by more is a lot more that is much needed.


You know, for someone that constantly complains about the F2P model and who readily admits that there’s never any hope of the game becoming what you want, you’re still here all the time


For someone that acts like an obsessive ex that can’t take no for an answer. When will you get a clue…


To be quite honest, it doesn’t matter. I’ll likely miss the Tenrai event again because the progression system is no longer motivating, and the fact that yeah I’d love to have the armor core but I just see no interest with the lack of playlists still. I quite literally got on once to play FFA the day it came out and haven’t touched it since. Plus the massive distaste of the store just outright pisses me off each time I see it. Like I love Halo, I’m an OG fan. But I think 343 shoudl’ve given Microsoft the middle finger and delayed it till at least this summer. Because ultimately where I stand is the MP was forcefully rushed, and Microsoft pretty much said, we got your limited edition consoles to sell so you better damn just wing it and solve it later. That’s exactly what 343 is now doing. As much as it pains me to say this I think honestly Halo shouldn’t be a console seller anymore. Because Infinite’s MP launch was as messy as MCC’s when it launched, and that game was outsourced. Thankfully I think Microsoft actually let 343 take their time porting that to the PC. In my opinion 343 should become a third party studio for Microsoft, not a firsty party. Be their own publisher and have the freedom to do what they want. Destiny 2 is doing a lot better for that very reason.


Guys I enjoy a good joke just like everyone else, but how does any of this contribute to the subject?

as for OP: I expect the roadmap to be underwhelming. If its just going to disappoint then I’d rather they not bother with posting it. Would be like a family member telling you they’re going to get you nothing for Christmas… Horrible.

This isn’t how the developer/publisher relationship works. If the publisher says it’s coming out December 2021, that’s when it’s coming out. If someone on the team were to “give Microsoft the middle finger,” they’d be fired and MS would just install someone to get the game launched on time.

We have vastly different memories of MCC’s launch. Wasn’t it completely broken and 100% unplayable? Like, they didn’t have finicky playlists like Infinite’s BTB. MCC just didn’t work at all, right? Edit: I specifically remember so much negative press that I ended up not buying MCC. Like for months afterward everyone was saying it was totally broken.


I certainly am excited yet anxious to see the Roadmap. I really hope we see a new map or two prior to the beginning of Season 2 (May), and not just minor cosmetic events.

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Ikr, maybe if he would stop being a troll bringing up things that have nothing to do with OP topic. Than he wouldn’t be asking this stupid question.

Does he ever think before he post. NM, we all know that is a nope.

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The first and foremost thing that needs to be focused on after the BTB patch is the balancing issues and bugs like melee registration and desync net code it’s a huge problem…. After that I would like to see more maps and modes and some sweet cross core customization !


Private DMs exist, get out of this guys thread.
As for the roadmap, I expect new events to be on there, as well as maybe a planned campaign sequel release date

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New events would be nice. I’m just looking for more things to do than just playing MP.

So if and when firefight, but have to wait for forge world. It will be nice to have options.

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I’m saying 343 and Microsoft are both to blame for this. If Halo Infinites campaign and MP were delayed till maybe this summer then I’m pretty damn sure we would’ve gotten Forge and Co-op, and a lot more playlists in at launch. Like I’m disappointed that we’re getting that stuff post launch but I have no problem waiting for it. But Microsoft pretty much said wing it because limited edition console sales.

That’s all it is, is Microsoft being greedy. 343 is at fault too but it’s all about how profitable Microsoft probably wanted Infinite MP to be because correct me if I’m wrong but Infinites store is just as predatory as CODs is it not?

343 needs to break off and publish their own games. Hell Bungie did it, no reason 343 can’t.

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There’s actually 100% a reason they can’t. Microsoft created 343 specifically to work on Halo. It’s their studio and they are wholly owned by Microsoft last I checked. They can’t just buy themselves back (I’m not 100% on the logistics of this, but the Bungie split was a completely different scenario)

Suppose that 343 originally wanted an extra 6 months so they could ship Forge and co-op, etc, and Microsoft just told them no. How would that be 343’s fault?

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Campaign fixes (looking at you audio log issues)

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Updated roadmap. If this is what we get, I think it would make a lot of people happy

Early February

  • Infection + 1 other gamemode
    Bug fixes
    Desynch fixes

Early March

  • Bug fixes
    Earnable credits
    Custom Lobby browser

Mid March

  • Crosscore Customization
    1 BtB map
    2 new modes (extraction and KOTH/Elimination)

Early April

  • Vehicle overhaul
    Bug fixes
    +1 gamemode (Some kind of PvE mode)

S2 May

  • +2 gamemodes
    Bug fixes
    S2 BP
    Rank progression system
    Overhauled store
    +2 4v4 maps
    New 5v5 gamemode
    +2 gamemodes
    New campaign DLC
    Campaign co-op

Late May

  • New gamemode
    bug fixes
    Fracture event
    New map

Mid June

  • bug fixes
    New gamemode
    +5 rank levels

Mid July

  • new gamemode
    bug fixes

S3 Early August

  • S3 BP
    2 new gamemodes
    2 new maps
    10 new levels to rank progression
    New campaign DLC
    Playable Elites
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I dont expect to see any gamemodes or maps, hoping some news on the store and cross core tho

Y’all ready for sacrifice.png for your ultimate reward again? But this time for your armor!!!



This is becoming insulting.

Important question for the 20 people still playing this hot garbage

I’m sure a ton of those achievement hunters out there would want Elimination to be added soon so we can get that “Medic!” achievement that the Xbox screensaver keeps teasing us with…

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