Roadmap 2022 - Crosscore not written

So I looked over the roadmap for 2022, and it’s not written that crosscore is part of the plan for S2 or S3.
This makes me worried, because some bundles I spent money on just because of the coatings and my hope for being able to use the coating on my other spartans one day.
I’m really happy if they atleast make coatings and visors crosscore.
But nothing is mentioned in roadmap.
It would be really nice to get an update on crosscore from you guys 343I.
I really don’t want to buy coatings and stuff anymore if crosscore ain’t coming.
And armor pieces being crosscore would be amazing, but if that’s too difficult to do, I will be happy for coatings and visors.
Please give a feedback on crosscore soon.

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Cross core is a light way of 343 saying they need to completely rebuild the customization from the ground up. Don’t expect it anytime soon. That kind of overhaul takes time.

I don’t know. If the bots can already use cross-core customisation, I don’t see why we couldn’t at least get the same features relatively quickly.


Because bots are not constrained by UI limitations. We are. The UI in this game is trash. And it’ll need a overhaul to allow for better customization.


I just don’t see it though.
It’s not that the pieces need to be re-coded to fit on the other core, because as we know, they already can. They rather need to be added to the library of items within the core.
I don’t quite understand why this would require rebuilding customisation from the ground up. But my knowledge is very limited admittedly. It just doesn’t make sense to me.
Although, remaking the entire customisation UI would be a good idea too.

I think the cross core decision was made after the roadmap was published?

And as for how long it’s taking - they would have to extensively test each piece with every other conflicting pieces.

Sure, a lot of them will just work out of the box. But we’ve already seen how intolerant the community is of pieces that are misaligned, clipping, or floating. It’s a tough crowd.

They’re silently increasing prices and the brainchild behind opening up new avenues for customization left the company. Cross core integration is gone, it’s over.

I really hope not…
I wish so bad that 343I can make things right with Infinite.
(Big sad crying emoji)

It’s the customization UI that needs rebuilding. And honestly how the armor works too. You have to remember that what we seen on screen is really just 1’s and 0’s. A small change to one line of code can crash an entire game. All code is built upon each other. With armor it’s not just about the look in the menu. It has to work while playing in multiplayer too.

Trust me. It’s not as easy as one would think.

Well I sure couldn’t do it, that’s for sure. But I still don’t see why adding existing designs to a core wouldn’t be less work than adding new designs to the core.

I mean I agree that the whole UI and customisation system should be remade, and if that’s what they’re aiming for, I understand the delay.
But I honestly don’t know if that’s what they intend to do.
Didn’t they say a while back that they would start with transferring helmets and other smaller pieces to other cores, or something like that?
I might be misremembering though or they might have changed their plan since then.

Yes they did. But if the code in the system isn’t designed for them to do that then it needs to be re-coded. That’s the point I’m trying to make. It’s not as easy as point, click, and drag to a new armor core.

Even if for example the mk7 core doesn’t support a reach core helmet in the coding. The mk7 core still supports mk7 helmets.
What I mean is making a mk7 piece with an already existing design would probably be less work than making one from scratch.

Less coding? Possibly. More tedious? Absolutely. Why? Because you have to make sure then change you’re about to make doesn’t break the game. And that requires sifting through lots of code and lots of time.

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I think you misunderstood, adding helmets haven’t broken the game so far, I fail to see how adding a helmet which shares design with one in another core would be any different.
But still, remaking the system would be better for the long-run for sure.

I understand perfectly fine. It’s just difficult to explain the complexity of coding in normal man terms. It’s not as easy as you think. That’s all I can say.

I honestly think you’re wrong in this occasion.
I would be shocked if this would break infinite, and find it very unlikely.
If it’s added in the same way as any other mk7 helmet, with the model and textures of what it’s supposed to look like, just like the other items. What would cause the game to break, if it’s literally the exact same process as adding other mk7 items?
Games can and have multiple items, with different properties, sharing the same textures. And as far as I know textures don’t break the game, worst case scenario it looks terrible or doesn’t show at all if something is done incorrectly.
It’s not the textures, or model that would potentially have the core-specific properties. It’s the items on which you can ad those textures.

They could easily batch it core-by-core. No need to do everything all at once.

Also, coatings could be universal presumably with the click of a button (insert spaghetti code joke) as they’re just shaders and do not have clipping concerns.

I do not anticipate we will get cross core in 2022.

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Can’t be that hard to just add the items availability, at least coatings, to every core.

I haven’t quite made my own game on this big of a scale but from my understanding unless they made this game severely strict in terms of how content is added swapping textures and colors onto pieces should be rather easy.