Roadkill with the Warthog

Is the behaviour of the warthog in Halo 5 when running someone over wanted or is it a bug?
There are 3 things that can happen when you hit someone with your warthog

  1. He dies, this doesn’t happen as often as it should for me atleast when i’m trying to run over enemies at high speed. However when i’m braking in warzone to pick up a teammate the slightest touch can kill them, like im sliding with a rest speed of 3 mp/h and i run over my teammate.
  2. Nothing happens, this happens to me rarely but it does happen, Halo 5 displays hitmarks but the enemy still has full shields and health. This can happen at any speed.
  3. I only damage my opponents when running them over, this happens quite frequently when im driving the warthog and i can sometimes understand it ( especially when i’m driving slow) but considering i can wreck someone with a speed of 3 mp/h it just seems silly that i only empty my opponents shield while running them over at top speed.

BTW i would expect to atleast get an assist when i’m recieving a wheelman medal, but no 343i be like the medal is enough for you. If noone sees 10+ wheelman medals that i earned in 1 round how do you expect them to know that i contributed to our victory with stats like 3/2/6. I can’t see any reason why this wasn’t implemented from the get go in Halo 5, it’s not like it requires that much effort to implement and to be honest looking at how bad every machine gun warthog except the ONIhog is it just shows that 343i couldn’t care less about us Warthog Tag Teams that loved to unleash hell upon the enemy team.

A Halo 5 Player seriously dissappointed in the Halo 5 Warthog mechanics