RNG Weapon racks and Fiesta RNG revamp

Hey I wanted to know what’s everyone’s take on the weapon rack system. I personally don’t like the RNG system. I wish BTB Highpower had a set shock rifle spawn to counter the wasp and banshee since they are very powerful on the open map. The challenge system would also have to be revamped to not conflict with this change.

I wish Fiesta had Mario Kart RNG where the best players are more likely to get Plasma pistols/rifles and the worst players are more likely to get Spankers and Energy swords. I hate when one team gets 4 plasma pistols and the other team only gets spankers.


They need to add random greandes, Turrets on the map, and fusion coils. I love Fiesta on Launch Site because if I get a bad loadout, I can just grab a coil. It’s like a bootleg rocket launcher.


It seems like my luck is always bad with this. I always get the Stalker Rifle and the other team gets the Shock Rifle. So this makes the game incredibly frustrating when you are trying to complete a challenge for Shock Rifle kills. Imagine not being able to fix this within the first six months.