RNG is recruiting

RNG is recruiting In a squad that just opened on the Xbox one named Crysis in halo MCC and we have daily game nights and monthly tournaments and all we ask is that u be at least 14 and have a working mic mssg G0V3RN0R 7 if interested

We will offer a variety of teams once we grow like
Forge teams
Swat teams

just know now we just opened up this community because we were sick of the corruption in other communities and so me and two other experienced leaders got together and planned out this community and we will be online everyday for our members whenever they want to play we are available so come join this newly forming family

You can speak to me in a party my gt is G0V3RN0R 7 feel free to add me!

Our website is http://roguenebulagaming.enjin.com

if u have experience and are looking to open a community mssg me as well and we will definitely have u help us expand